•  We shoot for

    the sky

  • Theme Park

    We love

    to perform

  • Theme Park

    We love coming

    to work

Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to Theme Park where we believe that our many skills can perform well for you in attracting the right customers to your products and services.

  • Creativity

    Creating marketing themes is what we are passionate about. Under the big top you will find that every performance is worthy of applause and is executed with flair and precision.

  • Execution

    We spend time with our clients. We listen before we leap and believe that realistic strategies cannot be created without the investment of understanding who we are talking to.

  • Production

    At Theme Park we can manage campaigns across many mediums including, graphic design, brand management, print, multi media, digital, audiovisual and events.

Drum Roll

Please take your seats for a preview of our work. Under the spotlight you will find a variety of examples for a number of audiences. Pop corn will be served at the interval.


Happy to dive in the deep end

We know that often the first opportunity to perform on new business can be as simple as helping out on an urgent need, Maybe it’s time to try someone new and its needed by Thursday. So if you’re looking for a safety net, we’re ready for the challenge.


Under the big top we are pleased to include the following amongst our clients.

Shoot for the sky

Wether it’s a small photo retouch or a major video shoot, we always shoot for the sky, and if that means putting some extra explosive in the creative cannon at no extra cost, we will.

Keeping the balls in the air

We believe that most projects are akin to juggling because every component needs to fly through the process with perfect balance and timing. So if you are looking for someone to catch the balls on a complex production then give us a call.

  • geoff-mander-themepark

    Geoff Mander

    Creative Director

    Mind reader, creative acrobat, brainstormer and all round contortionist.

  • catie-hocking-themepark

    Catie Hocking


    Hypnotic account handler, high wire strategist and lion tamer.